Next Meeting:

Sunday, December 3rd  3:00pm – 4:30pm

This gathering is intended to bring together families who are raising neurodivergent and/or special needs children.  We offer the meet up at Beyond Gymnastics on the first Sunday of every month. This event is free for parents and caregivers to attend. Beyond Gymnastics provides complimentary snacks and refreshments.

Participants are welcome to share their experiences, challenges, advice, resources, or just come and listen. The conversation is led by parents. There is no specific leader or moderator of the group. Any attendees are welcome to get the conversation started or bring up whatever topics are on their mind.

CHILDCARE:  We also offer a childcare option in the gym which includes a $15 registration fee per child. Beyond Gymnastics’ trained staff and volunteers provide supervision for kids playing in the gym. Caregivers must stay for the meeting for kids to utilize the playtime. This cannot be used as a drop off event.  We typically have between 4-6 staff members available for the 15 kids, but may be able to provide more 1:1 support for children who need it. Parents can see their children in the gym at all times. We allow kids to visit with their parents and return to playing as they choose. We may try to encourage them to stay in the gym, but we don’t block them from leaving the play area.  We do secure all exit doors and prevent children from leaving the building. Our staff may come find you if your child needs some additional parental help in the moment (such as restroom trips, meltdowns, etc.) While our staff is trained in the basics of child development, behavior management, and safety in the gym, parents are more than welcome to help educate our team on any specific things we should know about your specific child.