Special Needs Classes

Anyone interested in our special needs program is invited to schedule a FREE MEET & GREET before signing up.  Please email us at beyondgymnasticsbr@gmail.com or click this link to schedule your free meet and greet with us. 

We offer special needs classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.  At your free meet & greet, we will get to know your child and see what they enjoy.  We will talk with you to figure out the best type of class for your child and discuss scheduling options.  Our various special needs classes are diverse and unique.  All classes are designed to be recreational and fun, an activity for students with special needs to participate in no matter what restrictions they have faced in the past.  Our classes are modified and adapted to fit the needs of the students in each group.  We have lots of fun playing on the trampoline, swinging on bars, and balancing on beams, all while promoting confidence and independence in our students and teaching the basics of real gymnastics skills.  Anyone is welcome into our program regardless of physical, social, intellectual, or behavioral differences. We have a spot waiting for your child.  Come visit us! 

Maximum 4 kids per class, 45 minute class, meets once a week. $80 per month.