Special Needs


Our adaptive classes exist to create success for every student.  Every child deserves the opportunity to participate in a recreational sport such as gymnastics, and to experience it in a positive way.


Why choose a special needs class? 

The benefit to choosing an adaptive class vs. a typical developmental class is the smaller groups, lower staff ratios, more specialized class lesson plans, and additional personal attention and support.

Smaller Class Size = More Support 

Our special needs gymnastics classes are designed for any student who may benefit from smaller class sizes, extra attention, or modified gymnastics activities.

A traditional gymnastics class may include 8-10 students with a single instructor, so they must follow a strict schedule and lesson plan to meet the needs of the group as a whole.


Individualized Goals

Alternatively, our classes have the flexibility to focus more on each individual student and their unique abilities, strengths, needs, and goals.

How do we choose the right class?

We start with a free Meet & Greet.  Here, we play with the child and talk to the parents to get an idea of what we're looking for. We select the most fitting class for each student based on age, social skills,  communication styles, physical ability, learning style, etc. Then, our coaches personalize the class plan for your specific child. We work with parents to set achievable goals, which we work toward each week through fun, engaging, gymnastics courses and activities.


Who are these classes designed for? 

Students who have Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Physical Disabilities, Epilepsy, Hypotonia, and even ADHD can often benefit more from a smaller, personalized, adaptive gymnastics class rather than a traditional class. We're here to help you find the best class for your child within our program. Please schedule your free meet & greet below to get started.



Small Group Lessons

1 Instructor per 2 Students

45 minute lesson (once per week)

Tuition $120 per month


If you have already attended a meet and greet with us and are ready to sign up for your recommended class time, you may use the registration links below!

NOTE: Due to the risk of AAI, students with Down syndrome must have a medical release from a doctor in order to participate.  Often, for children with Down syndrome, pediatricians will advise against forward and backward rolls, or any other movement that may place strain on the child's neck during gymnastics.  We are happy to abide by these restrictions if the child is cleared for class otherwise.