These classes are by invitation only.  Students who have mastered the progressions on their beginner skill list in class will be invited to move up to these next levels. Students with prior gymnastics experience elsewhere can be evaluated to determine their most appropriate placement. Please keep in mind that it is completely normal to remain in the beginner level for more than one session. There are so many different skills in gymnastics on multiple different apparatuses that they are not all typically mastered in just a few classes. These progressions take time, and can not be rushed because new skills build on those basic skills.

Tuition is $86 per month.  Enrollment is open year-round based on class availability. No annual registration or hidden fees.

Class enrollment rolls over EVERY month until YOU decide to drop!

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Tuition Fee Schedule:  Tuition fees for every class are posted on the 1st of each month. All families must keep a valid credit or debit card on file for monthly tuition payments. Upon registration, you may choose for your tuition to be drafted on either the 1st or the 10th of each month.

If you prefer to pay tuition via cash or check in person, please select "10th of the month" as your epayment schedule. Then, you must make your payment in person BEFORE the 10th of the month to avoid the card on file being charged on the 10th. Any tuition payments not received by the 10th of the month will be charged to the card on file.

Drop policy:  Our families have the flexibility to enroll and unenroll from our classes at any month, for any reason throughout the year as needed. We simply require a drop notice via email at a minimum of 2 weeks before the 1st of the next month.  If you send your drop notice later than that 2 week minimum, you will still be charged for the coming month on the 1st.  We can not refund tuition that has already been collected (unless there was a mistake on our end), but you are absolutely welcome to still attend the class through the end of the month you have paid for.

Example:  If you plan to attend gymnastics during December, but want to cancel before January, you must send us an email before December 16th.  If we don't know before December 16th, your January fees will still be posted on January 1st.

We really appreciate any feedback you can offer if you choose to drop from your class so we can continue to improve our program in the future.