Ages 4.5 and up

Beginner Classes

Girls and boys learn the basics of gymnastics in the big gym. We practice handstands, cartwheels, rolls, balancing on beam, etc. Our coaches keep learning fun by coming up with new drills to accomplish these skills. Students will practice safety on the trampoline and move through skill progressions at their own pace. Gymnastics promotes strength, flexibility, confidence, and discipline without the child even noticing because the activity itself is so fun 🙂


Tuition is $70 per month.  Enrollment is open year-round based on class availability.

5 year olds:

6 - 7 year olds:

8 and older:

Drop policy:  Students may un-enroll from a class before any month with a 2 week email notice. We do not offer a free trial before registration, but if you are not satisfied with your class after the first month we will refund your first month's tuition.  We really appreciate any feedback you can offer if you choose to drop from your class so we can continue to improve our program in the future.