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Our Owners

Taylor Cole Woolworth
Co-Owner and Coach
I began gymnastics at a very young age here in Baton Rouge.  I then moved to Tampa, Florida for two years where I kept up with gymnastics and dance but did not compete either one.  Once I moved back to Baton Rouge I competed gymnastics for a few years before finally quitting and moving to the competitive cheerleading world where I competed for 11 years.  I began to coach at Louisiana Athletics during high school and eventually made my way back to the gymnastics world. I started coaching at Elite Gymnastics (our wonderful host gym) where I stayed for 4 years. Then went on to coach at Bengal Gymnastics where I met Taylor James.
I attended Southeastern Louisiana University where I got my bachelor’s degree in social work with the goal to open up my own eating disorder treatment facility (little did I know that was not the plan in store for me).  After, I began working at CARD (with Taylor James), which became my full time job.  I fell in love with my kiddos there and realized my goal was not to open an eating disorder treatment facility, but to combine my interests in order to open up Beyond Gymnastics with my wonderful co-owner, Taylor James.  I also recently got married to my supportive husband who will likely be in the gym from time to time.  We are so excited and cant wait to meet all of you and see where this journey takes us!

Taylor James

Co-Owner and Coach
I began gymnastics at North Shore in Mandeville.  I competed compulsory and Prep Optional (Xcel).  I also started coaching gymnastics at North Shore during high school.  After graduation, I moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU and was offered a coaching position at Bengal Gymnastics with the recreational program.  After a few years, I was asked to help start an Xcel team program for the gym which I had the privilege of coaching for three years.
In 2016, I graduated from LSU with my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with additional coursework in Kinesiology and Psychology.  I accepted a position as a behavioral therapist at CARD and my time at the gym decreased.  I am so excited to be back in the gymnastics world through our new special needs program, and I believe our classes will become a great addition to our community!

Coincidentally, we both worked at CARD and at Bengal so we immediately became friends.  We eventually decided that we needed to combine our interests of gymnastics and working with the special needs community of Baton Rouge.  So here we are now, building Beyond Gymnastics, our special needs gymnastics program.